• CNC Machine

    CNC Machine

    The CNC Freze bench is the name given to the machines that make a lifting process from the workpiece by making a linear progress movement with multiple cutting mouths.

  • Metal Cutting

    Metal Cutting

    Metal Cutting, It is the process of shaping by removing materials varying in amounts of materials such as metal, plastic and wood.

  • Extrusion Press

    Extrusion Press

    Extrusion Press is called the shaping process according to the desired mold after heated at a certain temperature values of aluminum.

  • Electrostatic Powder Coating

    Electrostatic Powder Coating

    Electrostatic powder paint is loaded with different electricity in a magnetic environment of metals and powder paint material, and as a result the process of covering the metal surface with the magnet effect of powder material.

  • Metal Injection

    Metal Injection

    Metal injection is a metal casting process applied by suppressing the molten metal into the mold cavity with the help of high pressure.

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